FastimeShare marketing program includes:

1. Access to top tools in the market 

2. Specialized advertising on major search engines to drive the traffic you need 

3. Personal attention for each client to achieve your goals



What type of company is FastimeShare ?

FastimeShare is a advertising and marketing "by owner" company that specializes in every aspect of timeshare resale and rentals. We enable our advertiser provide more exposure than an individual owner could on their own. We are dedicated to providing individual timeshare owners with the massive, national international and localized advertising necessary to compete directly with resorts for retail timeshare vacationers.

What types of advertising does FastimeShare provide? FastimeShare is committed to providing the most extensive marketing and advertising program in the industry. Most Resorts do not have a resale program because they would rather sell a "new" ownership at retail pricing than help you sell yours. When a resort has unsold or foreclosed units, it is not receiving any maintenance fees for that unit. It simply is not in the resorts best interest to offer a resale service. FastimeShare is an industry leading resale / rental company committed to providing the marketing and advertising required to compete directly with the resorts for the retail buyer. Contact one of our licensed professionals for free consultation and market analysis of your ownership.



Why can't I pay commission at the end like real estate?

Realtors, who works on commission at the end of the sale, are not set up for the type of marketing needed to find buyers for a timeshares. An ad in the local paper and word of mouth marketing are not enough. You need massive national, and local advertising 24 hours a day, until your ideal buyer is found. We offer the tools and marketing programs to plug you into and then spread that advertising cost over a large number of clients to make it affordable for each one. As a by owner company we work on an upfront fee, and can’t take a commission at the end of the sale.